Teachers' professional development

About the project

We help to develop the skills needed to make a difference. At the root of the issue is the lack of resources available to prospective teachers, including basic equipment as well as trainers themselves. We aim to provide learning supplies and incentivize teacher training experts.

Starting point

Engaging with educational experts, we uncovered what the most fundamental tools are for trainee teachers. This included how much time was required for training.

Support from local communities

Finding out the main enduring barriers to education, as well as the most essential requirements to childhood development in Haiti, was at the core of our mission here.

End result

By listening, engaging, and understanding exactly what was needed to empower educators in Haiti, we were able to equip 48 teachers with the necessary skills to use in the classroom.

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

– Aesop
Panitia Beasiswa SDMPKS 2021

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